Pharmacy Career

Pharmacy Career Options

Pharmacist Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Pharmacists compound, or prepare, prescriptions written by physicians, dentists, and other practitioners. They review these prescriptions to validate their accuracy and then prepare the medication. This can involve weighing, measuring, and mixing drugs. Once the compounds are prepared, pharmacists then dispense them to customers and patients.
    • Those duties are usually fulfilled by pharmacy technician. Pharmacists will occasionally fulfill those duties but it is not the norm.
  • Pharmacists answer patients' and customers' questions about the drugs they are taking and drugs which can be sold over the counter. In some cases, pharmacists are responsible for taking inventory of the drugs on the shelves and ordering any which they are low on.
    • Pharmacist number one duty and responsibility is communication. Most state pharmacy law requires that pharmacist must consult patients.
  • Pharmacists work in hospitals, clinics, health departments, universities, and grocery, drug, and discount stores. Those who work in stores must be aware of the other health supplies available in the store so they do not direct customers in the wrong direction.
  • Although I have worked in retail store settings for ten years, I am unaware of any items in the stores.

Most common source of career information is listed in labor department career outlook,

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Pharmacist was chosen as best 30 careers by U.S. News 2009. The selection of 30 best careers was based on job satisfaction, training difficulty, prestige, job market outlook, and pay.