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Arkansas Pharmacy Technician Schools

Pharmacy Technician - Registration

Arkansas Pharmacy Technician Registration/Certification Requirement

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  1. A high school graduate or a recognized graduate equivalency degree (G.E.D.).
  2. Of good moral character and temperate habits.
  3. The applicant must complete a criminal background check pursuant to Board regulation
  4. A pharmacy technician shall register with the Board of Pharmacy on a form provided by the Board.

Arkansas Pharmacy Technician Training/Education Requirement

Not Required
  • Pharmacy technician shall successfully complete an initial training, assessment of skills program, and test pursuant to a written training and assessment procedure established by the pharmacist-in-charge as provided in Regulation.

Arkansas Pharmacy Technician License Renewal

  • Annually

Arkansas Pharmacy Technician Pay/Salary*

*From Bureau of Labor Statistics
  • Arkansas Hourly Average Salary: $12.41
  • Arkansas Annual Average Salary: $25810
  • Arkansas Employment: 3680

Arkansas State Board of Pharmacy

  • The Arkansas State Board of Pharmacy licenses and regulates not only pharmacists and pharmacies, but also the distribution system where there is sale, delivery, or distribution of prescription drugs, medical gases, durable medical equipment, and legend devices.
  • Mission:
    The purpose of the Arkansas State Board of Pharmacy is to promote, preserve, and protect the public health, safety, and welfare by and through the effective regulation of the many aspects of the drug delivery system.
Arkansas State Board of Pharmacy
101 E Capitol, Suite 218
Little Rock, AR 72201
Voice +1.501.682.0190
Arkansas Board of Pharmacy
Arkansas State Board of Pharmacy

Arkansas Pharmacists Association

  • The Arkansas Pharmacists Association was founded in 1882 as the professional association for the profession of pharmacy in Arkansas.
  • Mission:
    1. The mission of this Association shall be to promote the public health and welfare;
    2. to unite the eligible practitioners of pharmacy for mutual encouragement, assistance, and improvement;
    3. to develop, maintain, and encourage compliance with a Code of Ethics and Code of Professional Conduct which will serve as a guide for the professional conduct of the Membership and provide for the delivery of a professionally acceptable level of comprehensive pharmaceutical services;
    4. to provide for the continuing education of the Membership;
    5. to assure the viability of the profession;
    6. to assist the University of Arkansas College of Pharmacy in its effort to achieve and maintain academic excellence;
    7. to establish viable liaisons with other health related professions and organizations in order to provide for mutual assistance;
    8. and unless it is contrary to good public policy, to serve the best interest of the membership.
Arkansas Pharmacists Association
417 South Victory Street
Little Rock, AR 72201
Voice +1.501.372.5250
Fax +1.501.372.0546
Arkansas Pharmacists Association
Arkansas Pharmacists Association

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Pharmacy Technician Program
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