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Pharmacy Technician Program

General Info

  • Sullivan University, Kentucky's largest private college or university, offers higher education for people with higher goals.
  • Sullivan University Mission:
    Sullivan University is a private institution of higher learning dedicated to providing educational enrichment opportunities for the intellectual, social, and professional development of its students.

The Program

Pharmacy Technician Program

The Sullivan University Pharmacy Technician Program is associated with the Sullivan University College of Pharmacy. Pharmacy Technician Program is an academic-based program. This program is operated as part of the College of Pharmacy within the Sullivan University System. The Pharmacy Technician program boasts several advantages including pharmacists on faculty, an in-house compounding laboratory and pharmacy and a Drug Information Center. As part of the Sullivan University College of Pharmacy, Pharmacy Technician students are provided all necessary resources associated with their training.
  • Mission:
    Pharmacy Technician Program Mission is to train students to provide outstanding, ethical and empathetic pharmacy care, to serve the health care needs of the community and the individual patient, to expand the scope of practice of pharmacy technicians in community settings, hospitals, managed care facilities and government agencies, and to be compassionate patient advocates and leaders in their communities.

The Curriculum

Pharmacy Technician Program Goal(s)/Objectives:

  1. Provide current information related to pharmacy technician practice in multiple pharmacy settings.
  2. Provide and teach strong customer service to our students
  3. Train students to fill prescriptions, demonstrate strong customer service skills and assist the pharmacist in general pharmacy operations in a safe, efficient and ethical manner.
  4. Prepare students to perform tasks critical to the provision of pharmacy services, such as sterile and non-sterile compounding, safely and efficiently.
  5. Educate students to support functions related to inventory management, equipment and facilities maintenance, quality control and record keeping
  6. Enable students to understand key anatomical/physiological concepts as they relate to disease states and drug utilization.
  7. Work constructively as a member of the healthcare delivery team.
  8. Deliver quality healthcare to patients with empathy and compassion.
  9. Maintain professionalism in all aspects of the daily performance of pharmacy activities.
  10. Train in both areas of community and institution pharmacy practices

Admission Requirements

  1. High School Diploma or GED
  2. Application for Admission
  3. Successful Completion of the CPAt, SAT or ACT
  4. Crime check must be completed and free from any felony convictions and drug abuse charges
  5. Signed Physical Job Demands/Risks Hazards Acknowledgement form
  6. Agree to initial drug screening test and random periodic screenings throughout the program and externship


Accredited by the American Society of Health System Pharmacists

Academic Degree

Pharmacy Technician Diploma (12 month curriculum)


Sullivan University
Lexington Campus
2355 Harrodsburg Road
Lexington, KY 40504

Voice +1.800.467.6281
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