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Maryland Pharmacy Technician Schools

Pharmacy Technicians Registration

  • An applicant currently certified by a national pharmacy technician certification program shall:
    1. Submit to the Board a signed completed application on a form provided by the Board;
    2. Submit to the Board evidence of current certification by a national pharmacy certification program;
    3. Pay a fee; and
    4. Submit a request for a State Criminal History Records check.
  • Other applicants who are not certified by a national pharmacy technician certification
    1. Be 17 years old or older;
    2. Educational Requirements
      1. Be a high school graduate or have attained a high school equivalency diploma;
      2. Be enrolled and in good standing at a high school; or
        • Provide satisfactory proof to the Board of the applicant's successful completion of a pharmacy technician training program approved by the Board
        • Program Is no longer than 6 months duration; and
        • Includes 160 hours of work experience;
        • Pass an examination approved by the Board
      • Provide written verification from the pharmacy permit holder that the applicant has worked in the pharmacy area of a pharmacy operated by the same pharmacy permit holder continuously since January 1, 2006;
      • Provide written verification from the pharmacist who has supervised the applicant for at least 6 months that the applicant has performed competently;
  • Submit a request for a State Criminal History Records check
The Board of Pharmacy shall provide the pharmacy technician with a registration card and pocket identification card upon initial registration and renewal.

Standards for Pharmacy Technician Training Programs

  1. Minimum Standards.
    Pharmacy technician training programs shall, at a minimum, cover the following areas of pharmacy practice:
    1. Roles and responsibilities of the pharmacy technician;
    2. Knowledge of prescription medications;
    3. Knowledge of strengths or dose, dosage forms, physical appearance, routes of administration, and duration of drug therapy;
    4. The dispensing process;
    5. Pharmaceutical calculations;
    6. Interacting with patients;
    7. Third party prescriptions;
    8. Extemporaneous compounding;
      1. Requirements and professional standards for:
      2. Preparing;
      3. Labeling;
      4. Dispensing;
      5. Storing;
      6. Prepackaging;
      7. Distributing; and
      8. How medications are administered;
    9. Confidentiality;
    10. Drugs used to treat the following indications:
      1. Hypertension;
      2. Antihyperlipidemia;
      3. Diabetes mellitus;
      4. Arthritis;
      5. Gastrointestinal disorders;
      6. Asthma and allergy; and
      7. Infectious diseases;
    11. Federal and State laws and regulations governing the practice of pharmacy; and
    12. Knowledge of special dosing considerations for pediatric and geriatric populations.
  • Pharmacy technician training programs may be offered by:
    1. Pharmacy employers;
    2. Nationally recognized pharmacy technician training programs;
    3. Accredited educational institutions pharmacy technician programs;
    4. Pharmacy technician programs approved by the Maryland State Department of Education and the Maryland Higher Education Commission; and
    5. Pharmacy technician training programs offered by the U.S. Armed Forces.
  • Training programs may not be longer than 6 months.
  • Training programs shall include 160 hours of work experience.
  • Maryland Pharmacy Technician Renewal Requirements.

    1. The pharmacy technician's registration shall expire on the last day of the birth month following 1 year after initial registration.
    2. Following initial registration, a pharmacy technician's registration:
      1. Expires on the date set by the Board unless it is renewed for an additional term; and
      2. May not be renewed for a term longer than 2 years.
    3. At least 1 month before the registration expires, the Board shall issue a renewal notice to the pharmacy technician registrant that states:
      1. The date on which the current registration expires;
      2. The date by which the renewal application shall be received by the Board for the renewal to be issued and mailed before the registration expires; and
      3. The amount of the renewal fee.
    4. The registrant may renew the registration for an additional term of 2 years if the registrant:
      1. Otherwise is entitled to be registered;
      2. Pays to the Board a renewal fee set forth in COMAR 10.34.09; and
      3. Submits to the Board:
        1. A renewal application on the form that the Board requires; and
        2. Satisfactory evidence of compliance with the continuing education requirements

    Continuing Education Requirements

    1. A pharmacy technician registered to practice in Maryland shall earn 20 hours of approved continuing pharmaceutical education within the 2-year period immediately preceding the registrant's renewal application.
    2. For the first renewal period during which continuing education is mandatory for a pharmacy technician, the Board of Pharmacy shall require only 10 hours continuing education requirements.
    3. A pharmacy technician shall:
      1. Attest to the fact that the pharmacy technician has completed the continuing pharmacy technician education requirement on the required form; and
      2. Retain supporting documents for inspection by the Board for 4 years after the date of renewal for which the continuing education credits were used.

    Pharmacy Technician Certification Requirement

    Not Required

    Pharmacy Technician Reciprocity

    An individual applying to register as a pharmacy technician by reciprocity shall:
    1. Registration in another state under requirements similar to the registration requirements of this chapter; and
    2. Evidence of being in good standing in the state or states of current registration; or
    3. Evidence of having worked as a pharmacy technician in another state for at least 6 months.

    Maryland Pharmacy Technician Salary*

    *From Bureau of Labor Statistics - May 2011
    • Hourly Average Salary: $14.99
    • Annual Average Salary: $31,190
    • Employment: 6,400

    Maryland Board of Pharmacy

      To protect Maryland consumers and to promote quality healthcare in the field of pharmacy through licensing pharmacists and registering pharmacy technicians, issuing permits to pharmacies and distributors, setting pharmacy practice standards and through developing and enforcing regulations and legislation, resolving complaints, and educating the public.
    • VISION:
      Setting a standard for pharmaceutical services, which ensure safety and quality health care for the citizens of Maryland.

    Maryland Pharmacists Association

    • Mission:
      The mission of Maryland Pharmacists Association (MPhA) is to promote excellence in pharmacy practice, strengthen the profession of pharmacy, and advocate for all Maryland Pharmacists.
    • Purpose
      The purpose of MPhA is to promote:
      1. The health and well-being of Maryland citizens.
      2. Safe and effective use of medications and health care devices.
      3. Collaboration among health care professionals and organizations.
      4. Professional competence.
      5. Leadership development.
      6. Responsible legislation and regulation.
      7. The history and tradition of Maryland Pharmacy.
    • Maryland Pharmacists Association
    • 1800 Washington Blvd Suite 333
    • Baltimore, Maryland 21230
    • Phone: 410.727.0746
    • Fax: 410.727.2253
    • Maryland Pharmacists Association
    • Maryland Pharmacists Association

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