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Minnesota Pharmacy Technician Schools

Pharmacy Technician Registration

  1. Minimum age. Must be at least 16 years of age.
  2. Registration does not include any determination of the competency of the registered individual.
  3. Registration is established for the purpose of identification, tracking, and disciplinary action.

Pharmacy Technician Standards

  1. A pharmacy technician must wear a name badge while on duty which clearly identifies the person as a "Pharmacy Technician."
  2. Pharmacy technicians must not represent themselves as pharmacists in any manner.
  3. Permissible duties. Pharmacy technicians may perform technician functions which do not involve professional pharmaceutical judgment.
  4. Certifying. Pharmaceutical products prepared by a pharmacy technician must be certified for accuracy by a licensed pharmacist, practitioner, or pharmacist-intern prior to release for patient use.
  5. Written procedures. Written procedures for the use of pharmacy technicians in a pharmacy shall be prepared by the pharmacist-in-charge. A copy of the procedures must be given to each technician and a copy must be kept on file in the pharmacy. The written procedures must be made available for inspection by the board upon request. These procedures must indicate in detail the tasks performed by the pharmacy technician; the name, address, and registration number of the pharmacy technician; and the certification steps performed by the licensed pharmacist in verifying the technician's work. Procedures shall be updated at least every five years.

Pharmacy Technician

  • General. A pharmacy technician may assist a pharmacist in the practice ofpharmacy by performing nonjudgmental tasks and works under the personal and direct supervision of the pharmacist.
  • A pharmacist may supervise two technicians, as long as the pharmacist assumes responsibility for all the functions performed by the technicians.
  • A pharmacy may exceed the ratio of pharmacy technicians to pharmacists permitted in this subdivision or in rule by a total of one technician at any given time in the pharmacy, provided at least one technician in the pharmacy holds a valid certification from the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board or from another national certification body for pharmacy technicians that requires passage of a nationally recognized, psychometrically valid certification examination for certification as determined by the Board of Pharmacy.
  • The Board of Pharmacy may, by rule, set ratios of technicians to pharmacists greater than two to one for the functions specified in rule. The delegation of any duties, tasks, or functions by a pharmacist to a pharmacy technician is subject to continuing review and becomes the professional and personal responsibility of the pharmacist who directed the pharmacy technician to perform the duty, task, or function.
  • Waivers by board permitted. A pharmacist in charge in a pharmacy may petition the board for authorization to allow a pharmacist to supervise more than two pharmacy technicians. The pharmacist's petition must include provisions addressing the maintenance of patient care and safety.
  • A petition filed with the board under this subdivision shall be deemed approved 90 days after the board receives the petition, unless the board denies the petition within 90 days of receipt and notifies the petitioning pharmacist of the petition's denial and the board's reasons for denial.

Pharmacist : Technician Ratio

  • The basic ratio of pharmacy technicians to pharmacists on duty in a pharmacy is two technicians to one pharmacist.
  • Exception: which allow an automatic increase in technician-to-pharmacist ratio in specific pharmacy settings Specific functions:
    1. intravenous admixture preparation
    2. setting up or preparing patient specific prescriptions in unit dose or modified unit dose packaging
    3. prepackaging
    4. bulk compounding

Pharmacy Technician Registration Renewals

  • A pharmacy technician registration expires each year on December 31.

Pharmacy Technician Continuous Education

  • 20 hours continuing education per two-year renewal cycle.

Minnesota Pharmacy Technician Salary*

*From Bureau of Labor Statistics - May 2011
  • Hourly Average Salary: $15.43
  • Annual Average Salary: $32,090
  • Employment: 7,040

Minnesota Board of Pharmacy

  • The Minnesota Board of Pharmacy exists to protect the public from adulterated, misbranded, and illicit drugs, and from unethical or unprofessional conduct on the part of pharmacists or other licensees, and to provide a reasonable assurance of professional competency in the practice of pharmacy by enforcing the Pharmacy Practice Act.
  • Minnesota Board of Pharmacy
  • 2829 University Avenue, S.E., Suite 530
  • Minneapolis, MN 55414-3251
  • Phone: 651.201.2825
  • Fax: 651.201.2837
  • Minnesota Board of Pharmacy
  • Minnesota Board of Pharmacy

Minnesota Pharmacists Association

  • The Minnesota Pharmacists Association is the largest association of pharmacy professionals in the state of Minnesota. The mission of Minnesota Pharmacists Assocation is to serve Minnesota pharmacists to advance patient care.

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