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Mississippi Pharmacy Technician Programs

Mississippi Pharmacy Technician

Supportive persons who is registered with the Mississippi Board of Pharmacy, utilized in pharmacies whose responsibilities are to provide non-judgemental technical services concerned with the preparation for dispensing of drugs under the direct supervision and responsibility of a pharmacist

Mississippi Pharmacy Technician Registration Requirement

  • Every person who intends to serve as a pharmacy technician must obtain a pharmacy technician registration from the Board.
  • To obtain a pharmacy technician registration the applicant shall meet the following conditions for each Pharmacy Technician Registration issued after April 1, 2011:
    1. Have attained eighteen (18) years of age; and
    2. Be a high school graduate or hold GED equivalent, and furnish copy of such certificate to the Board; and
    3. Be of good moral character as evidenced by having undergone and successfully passed a criminal background check conducted by the Board; and
    4. Have submitted a written application including a passport quality photo on a form(s) prescribed by the Board; and
    5. Have paid the initial registration fee not to exceed one-hundred dollars ($100.00); and
    6. Have paid all fees associated with the criminal background check.

Mississippi Pharmacy Technician Training Requirement

Not Required
  • At this time, there are no educational or testing requirements for Pharmacy Technician Registrations.

Mississippi Pharmacy Technician Registration Requirement

  • Pharmacy technician shall renew his/her registration annually. To renew his/her registration, a technician shall:
    • Submit an application on the form prescribed by the Board; and
    • Pay a renewal fee not to exceed one-hundred dollars ($100.00) for the registration period April 1, 2011 through March 31, 2012 and annually thereafter.
    • Have successfully passed the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board Exam or a Pharmacy Technician exam approved by the Board if the registration was obtained after April 1, 2011. This Certification must be maintained as specified or required by the examining authority.
    • If the registration was obtained after April 1, 2011, provide proof of a current approved certification.

Mississippi Pharmacy Technician Continuous Education Requirement

Not Required

Mississippi Pharmacy Technician Certification Requirement

  • Certification is required upon renewal for any technicians registered with the Board after April 1, 2011.
  • Provide copy of Certified Pharmacy Technician Certificate (CPT) if presently certified. Certification must be obtained before first renewal by successful completion of PTCB or ExCPT exam.

Pharmacist to Pharmacy Technician Ratio

The technician to pharmacist ratio is 2:1. Clerical support personnel are not included in this ratio.

Mississippi Pharmacy Technician Salary*

*From Bureau of Labor Statistics - May 2011
  • Hourly Average Salary: $12.17
  • Annual Average Salary: $25,300
  • Employment: 3,480

Mississippi Board of Pharmacy

  • The Mississippi Board of Pharmacy was established by legislative action in 1920.
  • Mission:
    The mission of the Board is to protect and promote the health of Mississippi citizens by regulating and controlling the practice of pharmacy and the distribution of prescription drugs and devices.

Mississippi Pharmacy Association

  • Promote, and safeguard the public health and welfare. Foster interprofessional relations among all members of the health care professions.
  • Promote the professional and economic welfare of all pharmacists. Support education and licensure to guarantee competent practitioners worthy of the public's trust.
  • Maintain a code of ethics which will assure a high standard of professional conduct.

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