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New Mexico Pharmacy Technician Schools

New Mexico Pharmacy Technician Registration Requirement

Application (and required registration fee) shall be submitted to the board prior to performing any technician duties. Non-certified pharmacy technicians must:
  1. Complete requirements for certified pharmacy technician within (1) one year of original application.
  2. Not re-apply with the board of pharmacy as a non-certified pharmacy technician.
  3. Provide the name of the technician training sponsor responsible for training and education with application.
  4. Provide documentation of training and completion of certification exam to be registered as a certified pharmacy technician.

New Mexico Pharmacy Technician Training Requirement

  • The pharmacist-in-charge shall ensure that the pharmacy technician has completed initial training which includes:
    1. federal and state laws and regulations that affect pharmacy practice; specific regulations which address the use of supportive personnel and technicians;
    2. ethical and professional standards of practice;
    3. medical and pharmaceutical terminology, symbols and abbreviations used in the practice of pharmacy and components of a prescription;
    4. pharmaceutical calculations necessary for the preparation and dispensing of drug products;
    5. manufacturing, preparation, packaging, labeling and proper storage of drug products;
    6. dosage forms and routes of administration; and
    7. trade and generic names for medications frequently dispensed by the pharmacy;
    8. basic comprehension of pharmacology;
    9. basic knowledge of appropriate pharmacy references.
  • If the duties of the technician will include the preparation of sterile products then, in addition to the training and education requirements listed in this section, the technician will complete training outlined in Paragraph (2) of Subsection C of NMAC.
  • A written record of training and education will be maintained by the pharmacy technician and contain the following:
    1. name of person receiving the training;
    2. date(s) of the training;
    3. description of the topics covered;
    4. names of the person(s) who provided the training; and
    5. signature of the technician and the technician training sponsor.
  • A written record of training and education must be submitted to the board with certification exam documentation to obtain certified pharmacy technician registration.
  • All technicians are required to obtain board approved certification within one year of registration with the board as a technician. Extensions will no longer be granted to pharmacy technicians registered on or after November 15, 2010.
  • The pharmacist-in-charge shall be responsible for the implementation of policies and procedures for additional training appropriate to duties and responsibilities performed by a pharmacy technician as well as an ongoing quality assurance plan to assure competency.

New Mexico Pharmacy Technician Continuous Education Requirement

Required Registration for certified pharmacy technicians will expire biennially on the last day of their birth month and must be renewed prior to expiration. Registration renewal applications must include documentation of current national certification.

New Mexico Pharmacy Technician Salary*

*From Bureau of Labor Statistics - May 2011
  • Hourly Average Salary: $14.54
  • Annual Average Salary: $30,230
  • Employment: 2,270

New Mexico Board of Pharmacy

  • Mission Statement:
    The Board administers and enforces the Pharmacy Act, the Drug Device and Cosmetic Act, the Controlled Substance Act, the Drug Precursor Act, and the Drug Product Selection Act.
  • The New Mexico Board of Pharmacy regulates the pharmaceutical industry that includes licensing pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, pharmacist interns, pharmacies, hospitals, nursing homes, public health clinics, drug research facilities and boarding homes. The Board also educates the public about the proper use of prescription medications.
  • New Mexico Board of Pharmacy
  • 5200 Oakland NE Suite A
  • Albuquerque, New Mexico 87113
  • Phone: 505.222.9830
  • Fax: 505.222.9845
  • New Mexico Board of Pharmacy
  • New Mexico Board of Pharmacy

New Mexico Pharmacists Association

  • Mission:
    The mission of New Mexico Pharmacists Association is to represent and promote the professional practice of pharmacy and assist pharmacist to provide quality pharmaceutical care

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