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Pharmacy Technician Program

General Info

  • The North Dakota State College of Science, founded in 1902, is a 2-year public community college in Wahpeton, North Dakota.
  • Mission:
    The North Dakota State College of Science is a two-year comprehensive, associate degree granting college founded on a tradition of quality and integrity. We deliver learner-focused education through a unique and evolving collegiate experience. Using innovative delivery strategies, NDSCS anticipates and responds to statewide and regional needs by providing access to occupational/technical programs, transfer programs, and workforce training.

The Program

Pharmacy Technician Program

  • The Pharmacy Technician program is designed to prepare students for careers performing and managing the technical distributive functions in pharmacies and pharmacy-related industries. By doing so, pharmacy technicians allow the pharmacist to concentrate on clinical services such as patient consultation, physician intervention, drug therapy analysis and other clinical topics. The pharmacy technician performs those functions of pharmacy practice that do not require a pharmacist's professional education or judgment.
  • Upon completion of our program, the graduate will be eligible to become registered with the North Dakota Board of Pharmacy (which is required for employment) and are eligible for national certification.

Admission Requirements

  1. Completed application to the college.
  2. High school graduate or G.E.D.
  3. Be 18 years of age before completion of the program.
  4. Beginning algebra skills required.
  5. Minimum composite score of 15 on the ACT test.
  6. A personal interview may be required.


Accredited by the American Society of Health Systems Pharmacists.

Academic Degree

  1. a one-year (40 academic credits) Certificate
  2. a two-year (65 credits) Associate in Applied Science degree.
Both of these include eight weeks of internship in community and hospital settings, which occurs after all classroom requirements have been completed.


North Dakota State College of Science
800 Sixth Street North
Wahpeton, North Dakota 58076

Voice +1.701.671.2401
North Dakota State College of Science

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