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Ohio Pharmacy Technician Schools

Pharmacy Technician Registration

Not Required
  • The Ohio State Board of Pharmacy does not license, register, or certify Pharmacy Technicians. There is no legal requirement to be licensed, registered, or certified as a Pharmacy Technician in the state of Ohio.
  • Pharmacy Technicians in Ohio must be "qualified" before they may perform any of the following functions in a pharmacy:
    1. Engage in the compounding of any drug,
    2. Package or label any drug, or
    3. Prepare or mix any intravenous drug to be injected into a human being. In order to be "qualified," Section 4729.42(A) of the Revised Code states that a person must be under the personal supervision of a pharmacist and meet all of the following:
    4. Be eighteen years of age or older,
    5. Possess a high school diploma, possess a certificate of high school equivalence, or was employed prior to the effective date of this section (4/8/09) as a pharmacy technician without a high school diploma or a certificate of high school equivalence,
    6. Pass an examination approved by the Ohio State Board of Pharmacy,
    7. Submit to a criminal records check and the results do not show that the person previously has been convicted of or pleaded guilty to any felony in this state, any other state.

Pharmacy Technician Training Requirement

Not Required

Pharmacy Technician Renewal Requirement

Not Required

Pharmacy Technician Renewal Requirement

Not Required

Ohio Pharmacy Technician Salary*

*From Bureau of Labor Statistics - May 2011
  • Hourly Average Salary: $12.87
  • Annual Average Salary: $26,770
  • Employment: 14,670

Ohio State Board of Pharmacy

  • Mission Statement:
    The Ohio State Board of Pharmacy shall act efficiently, consistently, and impartially in the public interest to pursue optimal standards of practice through communication, education, legislation, licensing, and enforcement.
  • 77 South High Street, Room 1702
  • Columbus, OH 43215-6126
  • Phone: 614.466.4143
  • Fax: 614.752.4836
  • Ohio State Board of Pharmacy
  • Ohio Board of Pharmacy

Ohio Pharmacists Association

  • Mission Statement:
    The Mission of the Ohio Pharmacists Association is to unite the profession of pharmacy, and encourage interprofessional relations while promoting public health through education, discussion and legislation.
  • Ohio Pharmacists Association
  • 2155 Riverside Drive
  • Columbus, Ohio 43221-4052
  • Phone: 614.586.1497
  • Fax: 614.586.1545
  • Ohio Pharmacists Association
  • www.ohiopharmacists.org

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Pharmacy Technology Program