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South Carolina Pharmacy Technician Schools

Pharmacy Technician Registration Requirements:

  1. Applicant must a high school diploma or equivalent.
  2. Applicant must submit an application ($40) to the pharmacy board.
  3. Applicant must work for 1000 hours as a registered technician with limited responsibilities.
  4. Applicant must complete a board-approved technician training course.
  5. Applicant must passed the National Pharmacy Technician Certification Board exam or a Board of Pharmacy approved exam and has maintained current certification.

Pharmacy Technician Training Requirements

Technicians must complete a board-approved training program.

A formal academic pharmacy technician training program that leads to a certificate, diploma, or higher degree may be approved by the board if it includes at a minimum: Complete a formal academic training program that includes:
  1. introduction to pharmacy and health care systems;
  2. pharmacy law and ethics;
  3. pharmacy calculations;
  4. pharmacology;
    1. Anatomy and physiology;
    2. Therapeutic agents;
    3. Non-prescription drugs;
  5. pharmacy operations;
    1. drug distribution systems;
    2. records management and inventory control;
    3. ambulatory and institutional practice;
  6. compounding;
    1. aseptic technique;
    2. nonsterile compounding;
  7. general education;
    1. medical terminology;
    2. interpersonal relations;
    3. communications;
    4. computers/keyboarding;
  8. problem solving/critical thinking;
  9. experiential training (practical experience).
Note: A certificate, diploma, or degree from a formal academic pharmacy technician training program accredited by ASHP fulfills these requirements

Pharmacy technician continuing education requirements

For renewal, 10 hours of CE by ACPE or CME approved continuing education must be completed. Four of those hours must be obtained through attendance of lectures, workshops, or seminars.

Pharmacy technician license display

A pharmacy technician shall display his or her current registration in a conspicuous place in the primary pharmacy or drug outlet in which the technician is employed, so that the current registration is easily and readily observable by the public. A technician working in a pharmacy or drug outlet where the technician's registration is not posted must have his or her wallet registration card with him or her.

South Carolina Pharmacy Technician Salary*

*From Bureau of Labor Statistics - May 2011
  • Hourly Average Salary: $13.14
  • Annual Average Salary: $27,330
  • Employment: 6,230

South Carolina Pharmacy Board

South Carolina Pharmacy Board is division of South Carolina Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation.
  • South Carolina Pharmacy Board Mission
    The Board of Pharmacy protects the health and safety of the public by enforcing laws and regulations governing the practice of pharmacy; performs routine biennial inspections of drug outlets and pharmacies; issues licenses to pharmacists and permits to drug outlets and pharmacies; registers technicians; administers the reciprocity process to qualified pharmacists; receives and investigates complaints; holds administrative hearings against pharmacists and permit holders; and develops laws and regulations necessary in regulating the practice of pharmacy.

South Carolina Pharmacy Association

  • The Association was formed then for many of the same reasons it exists today - to ensure that all pharmacists be adequately trained, educated and properly licensed to offer quality pharmaceutical services to the public, and to constantly strive for the advancement of the profession of pharmacy.
  • South Carolina Pharmacy Association mission
    The mission of the South Carolina Pharmacy Association shall be to serve its members, enabling them to advance the practice and science of pharmacy.

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