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Tennessee Pharmacy Technician Schools

Pharmacy Technician Registration

    Any person acting as a pharmacy technician shall register with the board by submitting an application on a form prescribed by the board.
  • The applicant shall also: (a) Provide a statement of good moral character;
  • Submit an affidavit from his/her employer attesting that the applicant has read and understands the statutes and regulations pertaining to the practice of pharmacy in Tennessee. (A copy of this affidavit shall be retained at the place of employment);
  • Submit the appropriate application fee.

Pharmacy Technician Training

Not Required
  • Tennessee Board of Pharmacy recognizes Certified pharmacy technician as an individual who is certified by a national or state agency that offers a certification program that is recognized by the board.

Pharmacy Technician Renewal Requirement

  • The Registration is renewable on a two year term.

Pharmacy Technician Continuous Education Requirement

Not Required

Tennessee Pharmacy Technician Salary*

*From Bureau of Labor Statistics - May 2011
  • Hourly Average Salary: $13.53
  • Annual Average Salary: $28,140
  • Employment: 11,180

Tennessee Board of Pharmacy

  • Created in 1893, The Tennessee Board of Pharmacy licenses and registers Pharmacists, Pharmacies, Pharmacy Technicians, Manufacturers/Wholesale/Distributors, Researchers and Medical Service Representatives.
  • The Board also enacts rules addressing professional conduct and standards of practice. Our purpose is to ensure that the pharmacists of Tennessee are providing competent pharmaceutical care in accordance with state and federal laws. To that end, we determine the competency of graduates of recognized schools or colleges of pharmacy applying for licensure, ensure compliance with the Pharmacy Law, and take disciplinary action and conduct hearings when appropriate.
  • Our mission is to serve Tennesseans by providing a fair, flexible, and positive regulatory environment for pharmacy related industries. In support of this mission, the Tennessee Board of Pharmacy is committed to:
    1. Maintaining public confidence in the integrity of the Pharmacy industry and professions;
    2. Establishing policies that protect the public while balancing the interest of the consumers, industries, and professionals;
    3. Providing services and information to assist the public in responding to the regulated industry or profession; and,
    4. Enhancing the quality of life, health and safety for the citizens of Tennessee.
  • Tennessee Board of Pharmacy
  • Tennessee Department of Health
  • Health Related Boards
  • 227 French Landing, Suite 300
  • Nashville, TN 37243
  • Phone: 615.253.1299
  • Fax: 615.741.2722
  • Tennessee Board of Pharmacy
  • Tennessee Board of Pharmacy

Tennessee Pharmacists Association

    The mission of the Tennessee Pharmacists Association (TPA), the state professional association of pharmacists, is to represent the profession of pharmacy as an integral component of the health care delivery system to entities outside the profession; develop standards of practice which insure delivery of quality pharmaceutical care as a means of protecting and enhancing the public health; promote the enhancement of knowledge, ethics, and skills of pharmacists; and, insure the economic and professional success of pharmacists in all practice settings.

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